SCAN-O-METER iPhone and iPad apps by Dash Technologies

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Elf SCAN-O-METER: Naughty or Nice for iPhone
* Just like in the movie "Arthur Christmas" *
Watch the movie Trailer to "Arthur Christmas"

Elf scanner for the Android ! Elf SCAN-O-METER for Android phones too!
Elf SCAN-O-METER for the iPad
Test your kids, their toys, their brothers and sisters all year long to see if they are Naughty or Nice!
Kids Breath SCAN-O-METER
Kiss your iPhone! Test your kissing skills! Break the ice at the bar!
Diabetic SCAN-O-METER and Tracker (iPhone)
Diabetic Tracker
Diabetes Sugar Level SCAN-O-METER (iPad)
Log your sugar level in either mg/dL or mmol/L